Friday, September 10, 2010

Menu for a Pastry School Final Project

My pastry school graduation is on Sunday and I cannot believe how quickly this course has gone by. I am now officially an expert in the art of baking. Also, having absorbed at least two pounds of it through the skin on my hands and arms, alone (not counting in the traditional way), I can also proudly say that my body now operates to a great extent on the power of butter. Unsalted, of course. Bring on the toast!

For our final projects/graduation, we all had to come up with a theme around which to build a menu and pastry display. I chose Herb Garden as my theme. It has been ridiculously fun to experiment with flavor combinations, and there's something satisfying about picking the leaves off of and chopping the herbs, alone. I highly recommend introducing fresh herbs into your own pastry world. They enliven all manner of sweet things in an amazing way.

I've pasted my menu below and I'll post some photos of the display after the big event.

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