Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recipe for Hard Apple Cider

I know, I know, I just can't resist the diy boozies. This time, we're doing it without any help from Crushpad, thank you very much, and it is entirely a labor of love. Oren built a magnificent cider press using his bare manly man hands and we picked up some brewing equipment (awesome jugs, brewer's yeast, and little doodads that that the Hubby-O found way cooler than I did) from the local home-brew store. Then it was off to Berkeley Bowl for 20 pounds of apples plus some crunchy sesame stick snack mix from the bulk section, to fortify the breweress, clearly.
We let the apples sit out on the dining room table for about a week to soften and let the sugars develop. This made the entire house smell like apples. Lovely! Then on Thursday last, we cored the fruit, put it all through my (beloved) food processor, pressed it in the homemade press, heated the icky bacteria out of the juice, added some brown sugar (how come you taste so good), funneled the juice into the super cool jug, added yeast, mixed well, topped with airlock, done.

Now our gallon of cider-to-be is fermenting away on top of the fridge. Not going to lie: We spend a good amount of time watching the gas bubbles pop in the airlock. You would too, and you know it. So the next tasks are to make a couple more batches (we want to experiment with different apples and change around some other variables) and to come up with an appropriately tasty name, to be printed on a beauteous label. My finest thought thus far: Isn't It Brewmantic? I know, it's punniliciously amazing. Anyone else want to throw out an idea?

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