Thursday, April 22, 2010

Menu for a Pre-Midnight Snack

I don't usually like to eat right before bedtime, but I'm currently enrolled in a pastry class that meets two nights a week from 6 to 10pm. At the end of each class, we do a tasting of the day's work, which is essentially like injecting a pound of sugar directly into my brain. By the time I get home (sugar high nearly walked off), I'm craving salty, wondrous things like pickles and soft boiled eggs. This must be what it's like to be pregnant, methinks. I was just too hungry to sleep the other night, so I whipped up a quick second dinner--warm, comforting, and distinctly not dessert--ate it in on the couch front of an episode of Top Chef, and smiled to myself like a chubby little Italian bambina.

I was inspired by Lollipop's creative use of text on that lobster bag from Tuesdsay's post, so I had fun playing around with the Type on a Path tool for this one:

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